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About Three Popular Malaysian Songs


Anyone familiar with the popular and jazz scenes in Kuala Lumpur will know the name Az Samad. Trained at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, he’s an active contributor to the hustle and bustle of the live music scene in Kuala Lumpur. Penyair (Poet) is a work inspired by his father, A. Samad Said, who is a well-known and decorated Malaysian poet; Salam Rindu (Welcome Love) is a short work dedicated to Yin Yin Boey (Waterfall Yin); and Senja Mula Menangis (The Sunset Begins to Weep) is a programmatic work.  Taken together, these songs without words capture the modern side of the city and its music as practiced by locals in daily life.  


These songs were arranged by Nathan Fischer and recorded on his 2019 album Tails from Malaysia. Performers should take liberties to expand on the musical expression.

Three Popular Malaysian Songs by Az Samad

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